How Can You Use a Stanford MBA?

You can apply for a Stanford MBA to make more money or advance your career. An admissions advisor can guide you throughout your application process. Here are ways you can use your master’s in business administration from Stanford:

Change Your Career

If you want to switch careers, you can use an MBA to explore different industries and roles. You can change your career path and secure employment outside your country. Focus on learning about business concepts that can align with the job specialty or function you’re interested in.

You can take industry-specific courses online to better understand a new field. Courses in these categories are recommended:

  • Education (Entrepreneurial approaches to teaching)
  • Energy (Clean energy opportunities)
  • Finance (Real estate investment, financial trading strategies)
  • Social innovation (Strategic management of non-profits)
  • Technology (Designing artificial intelligence)

Start A Business

An MBA can help you launch your own business. You can study entrepreneurship to acquire the knowledge and skills to run a company. The Stanford Graduate School Of Business can teach you long-term strategic planning, how to raise funds, manage growth, and marketing. 

Here is a list of some of the businesses graduates can start after earning an MBA:

  • Management consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Business financing consulting
  • Crowdfunding consulting
  • Asset management
  • Feasibility consulting

Advance Your Career

An MBA can be an effective way to advance your career. This degree can help you rise to managerial and leadership roles. Earning an MBA can be an excellent way to gain valuable practical experience and become a problem-solver. You can gradually hone your skills and get a senior position worth your expertise and experience.

Learning alongside peers from different industries can help you expand your professional network. The interpersonal skills you will learn in your Stanford MBA classes can assist you in getting and sustaining a top position. 

To Boost Your Salary

You can boost your salary with an MBA from Stanford. A degree from a prestigious institution may improve your chances of finding employment with well-known companies.

The following industries may offer higher pay to those with MBAs:

  • Consulting and strategy
  • Technology management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial services and economics
  • Marketing
  • General business

You can earn extra compensation with your MBA if you have unique skills, such as digital tech. 

Sustain Your Business

If your business is struggling, you can pursue an MBA to get it back on track. This degree can equip you with problem-solving skills and a network of individuals to scale your business. While taking your classes, factor in the following elements:

  • Typical problems your business is facing.
  • Business concepts you need to learn to help solve the issues.
  • How quickly you can introduce or integrate those concepts into your company.

Your coursework can help solve issues that you have in marketing your brand. Your business can grow gradually when you know how to advertise your services or products.

An MBA can sharpen your skills in business through experiential learning, hands-on training, and testing a business model. Stanford’s business advisors and fellow alums are great additional resources for advice. 

Plot Your Career Path

An MBA can help you plot your career path, provided you have goals. You can take advantage of the program and venture into a career you are passionate about. Here are some tips for those that want to follow a particular career path:

  • List down some post-MBA jobs that interest you.
  • Determine your values and how the program aligns with those values.
  • Find the courses that can allow you to explore your values and interests.

An expert can help you choose the MBA courses that might lead you to the right career. You can get equipped with strategic thinking, communication skills, and versatility to help you stand out in the job market.

Work with academic advisors to help prepare for your interviews through role-playing. Take advantage of networking events and workshops at school to help prepare you for the job market. 

Apply for a Stanford MBA

You can apply for a Stanford MBA and use it to your advantage. The program can help you change or advance your career. With an MBA, you can grow your business, plot a career path, and start a business. 

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