How Old Do I Have To Be for Clear Braces?

Children and teens have teeth that are still developing, which reduces the time required to correct any misalignments. Adults have fully developed teeth and jaw structures, but this does not prevent adjustment. It only means that the adjustment process will take longer for adults than children and teens. You can wear clear braces at any age to correct misalignment and other tooth or jaw issues.

Minimum Age for Clear Aligners

No minimum age limit exists, but orthodontists recommend certain processes depending on the age of the patient. Braces and aligners are popular orthodontic treatments for misaligned teeth in teens and adults. If you have misaligned teeth, clear aligners can help shift them to achieve an ideal smile without metal braces. The process takes time and many sets of aligners. The developing teeth of teens are easier to shift using braces and aligners. Adult teeth and jaws take more time to re-align. 

Children are not ideal candidates for clear aligners or braces because any adjustments will not be permanent. Young children’s teeth can shift back to their original position after treatment or eventually fall out to be replaced with adult teeth. Braces and aligners are typically only used on children who are experiencing adverse conditions related to their teeth and jaws. Teens and adults are the best candidates for braces because treatment can result in permanent changes. 

Maximum Age for Clear Aligners

No maximum age limit exists for clear aligners or braces. You can correct the alignment of your teeth at any age. If your adult teeth are misaligned, clear braces or aligners can shift them to the ideal position without the obvious metal of traditional orthodontic practices. All you need to do is find a reputable orthodontic clinic that specializes in clear braces.

Your orthodontists will assess the condition and position of your teeth and identify the number of clear aligner sets you’ll need to shift your teeth. The number of sets depends on the intensity of the adjustment. The more your teeth need to move, the more aligner sets you’ll need and the longer your treatment period will be. If you follow all of your orthodontist’s instructions, your results can be permanent.

Best Time To Wear Clear Aligners

The best time to start wearing clear aligners or braces is now. An orthodontist can help you correct teeth misalignments at any age. The longer you wait, the more time you’ll need to correct the misalignment. Consult with an orthodontist to determine if you’re the right candidate for aligners or clear braces.

Misaligned teeth can cause functional and cosmetic issues. Functional issues that affect speaking and chewing need prompt treatment. If your misaligned teeth are causing you pain or other problems, talk to an experienced orthodontist to schedule an assessment as soon as possible. Cosmetic problems that don’t impact jaw or tooth function can be treated when the patient is older or has the financial means. 

Get Clear Braces Today

Clear aligners are more subtle and inconspicuous than traditional metal braces. The aligners are designed to match the natural color of your teeth, which makes them blend into your smile. If you have teeth alignment issues, clear aligners can provide a convenient fix without drawing too much attention to the hardware.

Find a trustworthy orthodontist that provides clear aligners at a clinic in your area. The best orthodontists are board certified and have a history of successfully helping clients. Choose a clinic that has a positive reputation and uses recent technologies like 3D imaging, iTero scanners, and automated systems. Contact an orthodontist today to see if you are a good candidate for clear braces.

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