A elementary school classroom in a slum mcq

elementary school classroom in a slum mcq

There are MCQs about an elementary school classroom in a slum mcq and their answers available for students getting ready for the December 2021 exam. These questions are answered in accordance with the 25% condensed syllabus. According to JAC’s announcement, the exam in December would include only of MCQs. So, let me give you the lesson. The inquiries are all crucial.

You need to keep in mind a few things before beginning the “An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum MCQ” test.

Keep paper and a pen nearby. Write the answer to the question’s right option. then pair the answers with the options. The solutions are written at the conclusion of this article. We made an effort to provide them with useful information.

MCQ: A primary school room in a slum

1. Sour cream is coloured as follows:

(a) Black

(b) Red

(c) off-white

(d) Blue

2. “The boy who looks like paper and has rat eyes” What it implies in reality

 (a). The boy is cunning and sneaky.

(b) The young man is thin and short.

(c) The youngster is underweight and hungry.

3.’slums as huge as doom’ Which literary device is employed here:

(a) Metaphor

(b) Symbolism



4. What poetic device is used in “whose language is the Sun”?

(a) Metaphor

(b) Symbolism

 (c) Alliteration 


5. What fastens the slum kids’ maps?

(a) garbage

(b) blockage

(c) stones in the streets

(d) dirty slums

6. What does it mean when it says, “From fog to endless night”?

(a) bright light outside

(b) bright future

(c) hopelessness

(d) the children born into slums have a bleak and uncertain future.

7. What literary techniques are employed in the poem?

(a) alliteration and simile

(c) Imagery and metaphor

(c) irony, synecdoche, and

(d) all of these

8. What kind of lifestyle do kids in slums lead?

 (a)full of love 

(b) compassionate and warm

(c) filled with difficulty and hopelessness

(d)All of these 

9. Who took a seat towards the back of the group?

(a) A kind and young student

(b) a paper-appearing boy

 (c) a tall girl 

(d) a young woman with rootless weed-like hair

10. How are the kids from the ghetto different?

1. Their IQ

(c) Their knowledge

(c) their clothing

(d) due to a lack of access to the world’s optimism and inclusivity

11. What do the children’s faces in the slum areas reveal?

(a) Contentment

(b) their goals.

(c) Their contentment

(d) depression and lack of zeal

MCQ: A primary school room in a slum

What do the poem’s governor, inspector, and guest represent?

higher officials (a)

government employees (b)

Political figures (c)

(d) People with clout and influence

13. The phrase “On sour cream walls. Donation” implies:

(A) Schools have modern technology

(a) Despite their tiny size, schools attempt to provide education.

(c) The environment in schools is subpar and unprepared.

(d) Schools use donations to fund the children’s educational needs.

14 . What was the boy with the rat’s eyes attempting to flee?

(a) A bright outdoor light

(a) Trees’ openness

(A) the poor classroom lighting

(d) There are kids present.

15. What is the boy with the stunt reading?

The lesson from his desk, in (a)

(a) Poetry by Shakespeare

(c) natural leaves

d) His composition

Key Questions and Answers for the Class 12 English Core

The English Core NCERT book for class 12 is where all of the questions were obtained from. The new updated questions for the first term-end test in December 2021 are included here. This time, students are simply preparing the MCQ questions from the 75% of the JAC Board’s available material.

16. What does the map depict, question 

a. The affluent and powerful world

(a) The impoverished globe

(c) The world of slum-dwelling schoolchildren

(d) The poet’s ideal world for youngsters living in slums

17. What wishes does the poet have for the young ones?

(a) He wants them to be content and healthy 

(b) He hopes things will improve for them.

(c) He desires for them to have a long and healthy life.

(d) All of these 

18. Shakespeare is evil because of the kids, according to 

a) It teaches

(b) Tempts in 

c) adores

(d) Detests

19.What does the poet desire?

(a) to remove children from slums

(b) bringing the kids to America

(c) to place the kids in wide fields.

(d) taking the kids to the beach

2o.Describe the literary device used in “Future’s Painted with a Fog” 

(a) Metaphor

(b) Symbolism


(d) Personification 

Download the Arts Class 12 Question Back PDF.

Why is the girl’s head “weighed down”?

(a) Due to the stress of studying

(6) as a result of the workload

(c) due to the weight of the world

All of these (d)

Match the answers here.

Ans. 1. (c), 2. (c), 3. (a), 4. (b), 5. (d), 6. (d), 7. (d), 8. (c), 9. (a), 10. (d), 11. (d), 12. (d), 13. (c), 14. (c), 15. (a),, 16. (d), 17. (a), 18. (d), 19. (b), 20. (a), 

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